• Street Photography

    I don't think I will ever get good at street photography. I am shy and timid nature and I tend to avoid talking to strangers as much as possible when I am out in public. For example, when I am out shopping I sometimes go great lengths just so I don't have to excuse myself going down the aisle.

    I am also very conscious about my personal space, and I would start getting uncomfortable if anybody invaded it. I respect others' personal space and privacy and I like to keep my distance from an observer's perspective.

    When I read about zone focusing on Eric Kim's blog, I read somewhere that he likes to use f/16 and keep the subject at approximately 1m. I tried it for a while, but I could not bring myself to get that close to my subjects. I found myself little more comfortable with 1.5m as this was very close to the hyper focal distance at the same aperture, which I tend to use for my landscape photography.

    Going through my Lightroom catalog, I found a few pictures that feature a recurring theme of an elderly couple who may have spent many years of their lives together. From the back, I usually don't have any problem snapping a photo, provided that the environment is noisy enough to mask the sound of the mirror.

    From the front of the subject, however, I am a little more reserved, as evident in this photo. I have much more difficulty filling the frame than the first photo shown.

    And this couple noticed that I am snapping a photo. I probably picked up my pace and hurried towards my destination afterwards.

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