• Restaurant Review: Cho Sun Ok

    Because of my nationality, people often ask me to recommend a good Korean restaurant. After a number of visits in the past year, I would not hesitate to recommend Cho Sun Ok for its authenticity as well as quality of food and service.

    Cho Sun Ok

    Known for their cold noodles, Cho Sun Ok is a popular destination during hot summer months. As cold noodles used to be one of my favourite dishes growing up, I could easily verify the authenticity claimed by the restaurant. The ingredients that made up the bowl of cold noodles as well as the side dishes were as freshas they could possibly get, which could be explained by Cho Sun Ok's proximity to Korean grocery stores in the area.

    Cho Sun Ok

    It also has a plethora of hot menu items that tasted just like the ones back in Korea. On my first visit, I was rather impressed with its menu selection and the service provided. The owner would occasionally come out to the dining hall and check with each table how everyone was doing.

    I would definitely return, but I would have to be careful to avoid the busy hours as the lineup can be very long at times. With a small group, the turnover should be quick enough, but with a larger group I would definitely try to stay ahead of the curve.

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