• New Brunswick

    New Brunswick would have to be one of the more disappointing provinces that I visited in my travels across Canada.

    Fredericton, despite being the provincial capital, had one of the smallest airports that I have ever been to, and other major cities that I drove to, including Moncton and St. John, seemed to lack certain vibrance that I I was expecting.

    One of the most iconic features that the province is known for is the Hopewell Rocks, often featured on TV commercials or post cards. This would have to be the only highlight of my trip.

    I decided to pop in there for a quick visit on my drive from St. John to Moncton. Solely relying on a GPS without the properly set avoidance proved to be a mistake, as I had to drive on gravel road for almost two full hours.

    Hopewell Rocks

    It was just as I had seen in the images captured by other people, and walking on the seabed during the low tide brought back my memories of childhood as I frequented visits to the beach then.

    Hopewell Rocks

    I found my phone to struggle quite a bit with the way the scene was lit during the late afternoon hours and wished that I had brought my camera with me.

    Hopewell Rocks

    Wearing dress pants, a shirt and a pair of loafers, I managed all the way across to where there was a park ranger posted, advising the hikers to turn around unless fully equipped with proper hiking gear. Although I probably could have made it back to the car safely, I wasn't going to contest as my shoes and pants had gotten muddy.
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