Restaurant Review: Brewsters & Swiss2Go

This past week, I went to Edmonton again for a business trip. I meant to write this as a mobile post while on the road, but I didn't really have a chance to sit down until the moment I got home.

1. Brewsters

One of the managers in the office often mention how great of a place Brewsters is. Since my meals mostly consisted of fast food chains last time, I thought I would give it a try.

Brewsters Edmonton

If I were going to work all weekend, I knew that I would have to award myself with a decent meal to keep me going through the day. Because I had many hours of work left to do, I didn't want anything that would be too heavy on the stomach. I decided to go with my typical order of a burger, buy this time with a side of salad - something that would keep me somewhat healthy on this week-long Alberta trip.

I managed to keep the burger in one piece until my very last bite, which for me is a good indicator of how well a burger is cooked and assembled. The greens were fresh and were well accompanied by nuts, tomatoes, and berries. Did I mention that Brewsters has a good collection of beers to satisfy all the different needs of a beer lover?

If I were to visit Edmonton again, I would definitely return for quick beer and a bite.

Brewsters on Urbanspoon

2. Swiss2Go

Last time I was in Edmonton, I wanted to try Swiss2Go, which is actually right across the street from the West Edmonton Mall. Unfortunately, it was closed at the time. This time, however, I managed to visit Swiss2Go during its hours of operation.

Swiss2Go Edmonton

I ordered the Matterhorn, which comes with jalapeno peppers, cilantro, avocado and dried beef on pretzel baguette. Although the sandwich was very delectable, I think I would have preferred other menu items, as I found jalapenos to be too overpowering. The side order of cream of potato bacon soup was very good, as I had to stop myself from licking the entire bowl.

If you are visiting the largest indoor shopping mall in North America, I suggest you visit Swiss2Go right across the street.

Swiss 2 GO on Urbanspoon

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