• CNE 2012

    Canadian National Exhibition (CNE), also known as the Ex, is an annual event in Toronto that marks the end of the summer. 2012 was the year of many firsts for me, including my first visit to the CNE.

    CNE is known for its food vendors that provide outrageously unhealthy food, which may sometimes cause unwanted food-borne illness, such as the one caused by cronut burger last year.

    Despite the risks associated with consuming foods at a fair, many people lined up to spend their hard-earned money on the greasiest items on the menu.

    Speaking of splurging money at the carnival, people also did not seemed to mind wasting their money away at the carnival games which are obviously designed to encourage carnival-goers to spend more to little benefit.

    Aside from the money-grabbing games, CNE was also had a number of rides. As these were temporary installations, it made me a little concerned for the riders' safety.  
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