• Nova Scotia

    If I had to choose one of the favourite places that I visited last year, Nova Scotia would make it in my Top 3. Despite the overwhelming large client site that forced me to extend my stay, my schedule was pretty favourable.

    Lawrencetown Beach

    After I finished the work on my first day, I decided to visit the the beach as I had never seen the Atlantic Ocean before. I drove away from the city on a coastal road to Lawrencetown Beach which was very scenic. Even though it was mid-July, the weather was a little chilly as it was nearing the end of the day.

    With the sun setting in the west, the rays of sunlight emphasized the colours very nicely, providing great contrast to the scene. I would have stayed longer, if the weather had not started getting worse.

    Peggy's Cove

    The next morning, because I wasn't going to start work until mid-day, I decided to drive out to Peggy's Cove, which took a lot longer than I expected. The rain had started coming that morning and I had to carry an umbrella around to prevent myself from getting wet.

    After finishing all my work in Halifax, I headed back to the airport only to find out that my flight had been cancelled again. This time, because the flight was cancelled due to weather conditions, no compensation or any kind of accommodation arrangements were made, which forced me to extend my stay in Nova Scotia yet again, but only to spend the night at the airport.
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