• Restaurant Review: Brickyard Grounds

    Last weekend, my girlfriend and I headed down to Brickyard Grounds for brunch, which my girlfriend had picked out. Because I did very little research prior to my visit, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of food as well that of the service provided by the staff.

    Located at the corner of Gerrard and Greenwood in Leslieville, it is a fairly new addition to the neighbourhood. Leslieville is no stranger to a good breakfast/brunch places, as there are a number of restaurants in the area that are on my wishlist.

    As there is currently no menu available online, I am going to try to remember what I ordered based on my memory and this photo. I ordered a waffle with a poached egg topped with housemade sauce, accompanied by locally sourced sausage and beans. This was a new experience for me as I had not tried a savoury waffle before. Sauce was a little on the heavy side, but I did enjoy my meal down to the last bite.

    Brickyard Grounds

    My girlfriend ordered a pulled pork sandwich with a side of salad. I thought this might be a little heavy for breakfast/brunch food, but I was wrong, as I enjoyed this more than my own food.

    For beverages, we ordered a cup of latte and chai latte, which went well with the food items we ordered. Even though the cafe does not have dedicated wait staff, the counter/kitchen staff would occasionally come by to refill the water glasses or bring the freshest samples from the kitchen. I would definitely return in the future, and recommend it to any others who may visit Leslieville for brunch or even just a cup of coffee.

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