• Winter's back with a vengeance.

    The temperature outside has been unbearably cold for the past few days. As I enjoyed warm double digit weather only a couple of weeks ago, I did not expect it to get so cold all of a sudden.

    Having spent one winter in Ottawa and countless winters in the snowbelt region of SW Ontario, I should be able to deal with with inclement weather conditions, when in reality, I would much rather have mild winters much like the ones I enjoyed in Vancouver.

    Staying at home on a cold winter day is not too bad, but travelling to' and fro' work makes a cold winter day less bearable.

    Day 155 (January 18)

    Day 156 (January 19)

    Day 157 (January 20)

    Day 158 (January 21)

    Day 159 (January 22)

    Day 160 (January 23)

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