• Day 166: Pickpocketed

    After attending my first-ever Toastmaster session as a guest today, I got pickpocketed! The weather has been awful these past two days, and it was raining very hard by the time I got to the subway today.

    Because it was late in the evening, I decided to have dinner before my 1.5 hour commute home and checked for my wallet. I don't exactly remember what happened afterwards, but by the time I was ready to pay for my food that I had just ordered, I realized that my wallet had gone missing.

    I immediately started tracing back my steps while trying to remember at which point in time I last saw my wallet. While going between the two places where I could have taken out my wallet, I received a phone call saying that my wallet had been found in a women's bathroom on a subway platform that I never went to.

    Because my wallet had been left with the people at the lottery stand at Yonge-Bloor station, I almost had to pay a fare to get inside, but a kind TTC booth operator let me in. When I retrieved my wallet from whom seemed like a mother-daughter combo at the lottery stand, I sent a text messaged to the mystery caller only to get a reply from Rogers saying that my message had been delivered to a landline.

    Without realizing that the only thing that was missing from my wallet was my cash, I immediately proceeded to call all three of my credit card companies to cancel and prevent fraudulent activities on my accounts.

    Today's valuable lesson:

    1. Never put your wallet in your coat pocket. 
    2. Carry only what is necessary in your wallet. 
    3. Have your business cards in your wallet so people can call you!
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