• New year

    Happy new year to all those who visit my blog! I was going to use my time off to do a complete redesign of the blog and the website and catch up on my photography, but I started watching Doctor Who instead, which took up a lot of my time. My break wasn't a completely lost cause for I finished reading The Business Guide to Sustainability.

    As I begin this new year, I want to break a few old habits that has not been working very well, mainly with regards to updating this blog and my gallery on 500px. 500px has a limit on my many photos I can upload a week, which sometimes forces me to wait a few days before I can upload more photos. If I maintain a regular daily schedule, I will not run into any problems. Posting regularly will also allow me to spend more time on my each and every photo, allowing me to focus on its aesthetics and appeal.

    I will stick to a more regular posting schedule on this blog too, as I sometimes try to establish a linkage among different things where there is none. As I have broadened the scope of this blog to five different categories, I should also make sure that my posts are categorized properly without unnecessary overlap.

    As I head into another round of my job search starting next week, I should have more time to focus on updating and maintaining the blog to support my continual branding. If any of the readers would like to be involved in determining what that might look like, leave a comment below!

    Read on to see the photos from past three weeks!

    Day 127 (December 21)

    Day 128 (December 22)

    Day 129 (December 23)

    Day 130 (December 24)

    Day 131 (December 25)

    Day 132 (December 26)

    Day 133 (December 27)

    Day 134 (December 28)

    Day 135 (December 29)

    Day 136 (December 30)

    Day 137 (December 31)

    Day 138 (January 1)

    Day 139 (January 2)

    Day 140 (January 3)

    Day 141 (January 4)

    Day 142 (January 5)

    Day 143 (January 6)

    Day 144 (January 7)

    Day 145 (January 8)

    Day 146 (January 9)

    Day 147 (January 10)
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