• Old habits don't die at all.

    Breaking old habits are very difficult. I have come to terms that old habits do not just die hard; they do not die at all. I have once again resorted back to taking pictures of easy-to-find subjects from angles that are mundane at best.

    I have been meaning to use my lunch break to find a source of inspiration in Yorkville. Today (January 14, 2013) is my second last day of work, and I managed to travel outside of my normal route directly to the subway station, where I found trees decorated with Christmas lights.

    With a 50mm prime mounted, which I rarely use, I thought I had a pretty decent shot when I looked at the photo on my low-resolution LCD screen. When I came  back home and opened it on my computer, I found it to be out of focus. I ran the image through Noise Ninja to reduce the amount of noise, which I think did a fairly decent job.

    The amount of noise I get at a maximum ISO of 1600 of my camera is something I have learned to deal with. With slightly more than 20,000 shutter actuations, I won't be getting a new camera any time soon. I always remind myself of the film days, when I rarely used highly sensitive films.
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