• Scarborough Bluffs

    Double digit temperature in January is uncommon in Toronto. My girlfriend and I took advantage of it by going to Bluffer's Park down Brimley Road in Toronto. Apparently a lot of others had the same idea in mind, as we found a lot of couples, families, and photographers enjoying the absurdly warm winter weather in January.

    I wanted to take an HDR photograph of the Bluffs, which I achieved with little success. My camera kept consistently underexposing the photographs in bracketing mode, with the end result looking far off from what I had in mind. Nevertheless, I managed to create one in monochrome with Photomatix.

    Because of the recently melted snow cover, the paths were often slushy and muddy, which I ended up slipping on after taking this photograph. I had my and my girlfriend's camera with me when I fell. Fortunately enough, no visible damage was done to either of our cameras.
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