• January Rain

    Two blog posts in one day! I did mention in my earlier post that I will post more regularly and frequently to keep my blog and gallery up to date. Unlike other Januaries I have spent in Ontario, it has been mild this year so far. Having purchased a pass to go snowboarding, I am not entirely thrilled about this weather.

    After doing some work today at home, I headed outside with my camera, 135mm lens, and extension tubes. I have seen many pictures of water droplets hanging from twigs before, and I was inspired to recreate the scene when I came across the scene above not too far from my house.

    I closed my aperture to increase depth of field, boosted ISO to maximum of 1600, and set the shutter speed to reduce any motion blur. When I noticed that there was not enough light to work with, I quickly ran inside the house to grab my external flash, which made the scene look a little odd. I wanted to invest in a ring light and macro rail before, which I probably will make do without.

    I think the picture could have been framed a little better, and the tip of the twig is slightly out of focus. The texture and the colour of the water drop are retained well, but it's hard to see it from this angle.

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