• #WildlifeWednesday

    I always thought Wednesdays were for Bokehs. #WildlifeWednesday is trending on Google+, so I am guessing it's a Google+ thing. Before it was publicly available, there was so much demand, as it was deemed a worthy alternative to Facebook. Since its release, however, it has lost much of its momentum.  Having love/hate relationship with Facebook, I was once a fan of Google+, but given the small user base of Google+, especially among my group of friends, I do not find myself using it very often.

    This picture was taken when I visited Tews Falls in Hamilton, ON. I had to crop much of the picture to reposition the chipmunk to the right 1/3 of the frame. I bought a photography book on composition when I visited Korea two years ago, and I still have much to learn from it. What I find most challenging is applying the concept while I am out shooting. I guess I will just have to keep at it.
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