• After a storm

    When I looked outside my windows after a storm a couple of nights ago, I found the colours outside to be really vibrant despite cloudiness in the sky. After momentarily hesitating, I grabbed my seldom-used F 70-210mm, and headed outside. With hopes of capturing both of my street and the sky, I looked to the eastern sky only to discover darkness looming over the neighbourhood. In the opposite direction, I could observe a small opportunity of vividness.  

    As I indicated in a previous blog post, over the short two years I have my lens, I managed to damage the aperture contact, which restricted me to only using inaccurate stop-down centre-weighted average metering. I don't have a problem with manual exposure on my other prime lenses, but the aperture ring on this zoom lens is less accessible than I would like it to be. I am just glad I did not damage the auto-focus contact, as the focus ring on this lens is not very enjoyable to use. Perhaps a more versatile DA 55-300mm would have been a better buy given its contemporary design better suited for a DSLR. The lens, however, would have cost me at least three times as much as what I paid for what I currently have, so I don't have too much to complain.
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