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    I have lived in Canada for about 10 years now. I applied to become a Canadian citizen about two years ago,  and I am finally writing my citizenship test in Vancouver tomorrow morning! The whole process up to the citizenship would have taken about a year and a few months if I had not missed my citizenship tests last year due to being in school. While I realize that it wasn't the most practical decision to attend my citizenship test in Vancouver, I think I have delayed my application long enough, and I don't frankly know how long it will take to have my files moved to Toronto and have another test scheduled. I am, however, going to have my citizenship ceremony in Toronto if it is due soon.

    In the past years that I have lived in Canada, I've lived in, or visited many metropolitan areas including Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. While Toronto and Vancouver both have their own merits in diversity, I find that the both cities lack their own identities or origins to call their own due to this heterogeneity. I certainly love Montreal, and I would love to visit again in the near future and learn more about the city. For these reasons, out of of all the cities I have lived in, I think Ottawa is the most memorable.

    Ottawa, as the capital city of Canada, is both culturally and historically rich and has many symbols that represent Canada including the Parliament buildings. I especially liked visiting the buildings for its openness to public despite housing the Parliament of Canada. Every night in summer, National Capital Commission puts up an amazing bilingual light and sound show called Mosaika, which projects the video onto the buildings, which is used as a screen.

    3 Exposure HDR Panorama of Parliament Buildings in Ottawa

    The image was taken last March at night. My F 70-210mm for some reason stopped sending aperture information to my camera, so I had to expose manually. This is a 3-exposure HDR panorama of the Parliament buildings taken from Nepean point in Ottawa. Because I accidentally used ISO 800, there are some artefacts in this photo which I don't care much for.

    Other architecturally interesting buildings and works in Ottawa include Rideau Canal, Rideau Hall, National Gallery of Canada, and Canadian Museum of Nature, which all offer a little bit of Canadian history on their own. Unlike these unique architectural works that represent Ottawa or Canada as a whole, I did not really appreciate the exhibits in the museums. As I mentioned earlier, Canada is very proud in its diversity. As such, I found the exhibits to lack continuity and focus, especially at Canadian Museum of Civilization.

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