• 10 years in Canada

    10 years ago, I came to Canada as a 14 year old boy with hopes of receiving education to enjoy higher standard of living. To be frank, I found my high school experience to be mediocre mainly because education was based on the principles of spirituality, which may not necessarily always be the most practical way to perceive day-to-day phenomena.

    Then I moved on to study Nanotechnology Engineering at Waterloo, where I struggled to find interest and eventually ended up switching my major to Environment & Business. Although I academically excelled in the new program, I failed to be inspired not because of lack of qualified professors but because of my low interest levels in many courses that were offered as part of the curriculum.

    Being a pragmatist, I found it difficult for me to adjust to the the environment charged with idealism and sometimes, although rarely, extremism. I do not personally believe that the notion of sustainability should remain an ideal, as it suggests its impossibility. Rather, achieving sustainability should be about finding common ground and making compromises in the best interest of the well-being of both current and future generations.I feel like the education I received did not really help me answer "how" to harmonize the world economy with the environment. I am well aware that there neither is, nor there will be, a single simple solution that will solve all the problems. Perhaps this is an area that I could study more, but as of right now, further education is out of question.

    The signs during my academic career indicate that I lose interest quickly. Perhaps the paths I have taken are far from what I am suited for. 10 years have passed since moving to Canada with little measurable success. Hopefully the decisions I make within the next few months will shape me into a person who I want to be in 10 years, hopefully for the better, not worse.
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