• Street Photography

    The main subjects of my photography have usually been Canadian landscape for the serenity it provides me with. A few weeks ago my girlfriend reminded me that my photos usually consists of blue sky, a body of water, and some foliage, which is the same observations that I made when I browsed through my Lightroom Catalog. I recently came across a blog of Eric Kim, who is a renowned photographer based in Los Angeles, and I was really inspired by him. I have always been interested in street photography, and I felt like this was the area that I could explore more of.

    Street photography uses a manual focus technique called zone focusing, which is helpful in getting the subjects in focus. While I am familiar with hyperfocal distance, I did not quite realize that the same concept could be applied in street photography. This was perfect because I was looking to improve my photography by using one of my favourite lenses, K 30/2.8, which has a DOF scale.

    My original plan was to get a close-up of people around Downtown Vancouver for a few hours, but I found that a little challenging. Instead, I focused at the hyperfocal distance at f/16, and I got the picture above. It is not exactly the picture I had in mind, but it's a start of something new.
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