• #LongExposureThursday

    It has been a while since I last blogged. Over the past 16 months, I lost interest in photography and only regained it recently. I felt like carrying around a DSLR with a battery grip and multiple lenses was very tedious for my day-to-day activities. I have left most of my gear back home in Vancouver and moved to Toronto to attend my convocation at University of Waterloo and continue my job search. The few things I have brought back are my Pentax K10D without the grip, the kit lens, and DA70 limited lens. 

    Shooting at the convocation with just the kit lens made me realize that I have unnecessarily invested in too much glass (the list can be seen on My Flicker Page) in search for image quality that I may not need. While I have no immediate intention to sell any of my gear, since there is little or no profit to be gained, this was a revelation that made me rethink photography and refocus my attention to using whatever I have to maximize my creative potential.

    After acquiring a used K10D during the summer of 2008, I have shot approximately 15,000 frames according to the EXIF data contained in the DNG files. After realizing how measly that number is, I felt guilty for looking for deals on the K-5 or tracking the pre-release news for the new K30, which started shipping today in North America. I am going to be honest and say that I will probably be following the news of K30 very closely while I spend as much time as possible with my K10D.

    My girlfriend just received the Olympus E-PM1 in mail yesterday. It took me a while to get used to it due to its lack of common external controls; however, the level of customizability offered by Olympus made it perfectly usable. I wanted to test out the camera during the day, but the sun had already set by the time we went outside. 

    Olympus E-PM1 ISO 200 f/16 10"

    After lowering the ISO, turning off noise reduction, enabling anti-shock (equivalent to mirror lock-up), and setting the aperture and shutter speed manually all using the single button/wheel on the camera, the above photo was taken. It was fairly windy, and I left the Marumi UV filter (anybody have experience with this brand?) on, so this is not the best depiction of the photo quality of this camera.

    Now that my girlfriend has a camera, I will hopefully be going out a few times to teach her how to use it and also to rediscover my interest in photography.
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