• Thanksgiving

    As part of the unemployed Gen-Y demographic, I do not have particularly much to be thankful for (edit: I wish I had a little more to be thankful for). My living costs continue to grow while my job search efforts typically end up being futile. There are, however, a few things that I should be grateful for. Out of all the things that I sometimes take for granted, I am most thankful for having a girlfriend that supports me despite my shortcomings.

    I find it increasingly difficult to maintain my online presence as my unemployment continues. I keep finding myself uploading my photos in bulk and not spending much time going through my library carefully and selecting the best picture that represents the day. As a consequence, my score on 500px has been sitting at a standstill for the past few weeks. Unless I drastically change the way I approach my photography, it will still be sitting at the same score by the time I complete my 365 Day Photography Challenge.

    Perhaps the same could be said about my job search efforts. Because I have been at it for so long, I may have lost the initial vigour that I started with. It is particularly difficult to be inspired when I sitting down in a dark room in front of my computer applying to positions which I often find uninteresting.

    I am a proud person who is not typically quick to ask for help. I think it is time for me to set my pride aside and ask anyone that I know for help. As I have sought feedback on my photography before, I will seek help, guidance, and even mentorship to find a job not only to sustain myself but also to prepare for the future.

    Day 46 (October 1)

    Day 47 (October 2)

    Day 48 (October 3)

    Day 49 (October 4)

    Day 50 (October 5)

    Day 51 (October 6)
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    Day 53 (October 8)

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