• 10 Weeks Completed

    10 weeks have already gone by since I embarked on a challenge to document the early stages of the new quarter of my life. I have learned a few valuable life lessons from scrounging through the internet and through life experience during the past 10 weeks.

    1. Biggest opportunities lie in your weakest links.
    2. Ask, and you will eventually get what you seek (Matthew 7:7)
    3. Never discount the opportunities that present themselves.

    During my undergraduate career, I have been particularly good at turning down different roles and responsibilities for the sake of getting good grades. I once turned down a possible opportunity to do a photo shoot for an environmental periodical with nation-wide audience, which I regret to this day. Had I known that grades do not matter once I am out of school, I would have focused more on building relationships that would last much longer than the validity and relevancy of my university grades.

    I am somewhat notorious for my laissez-faire approach to life. During the past 10 weeks, I have learned the value of persistence and stepping out of my own comfort zone. One of the biggest breaks in my job search probably came when I stopped hiding behind my computer screen and picked up my phone or offered my help to people who recognized my value. There may not always be reciprocation for your efforts, but being persistent and finding someone to help you will eventually lead to fruition.

    If you are in a place of self-doubt, reach out for help from both within and outside of your immediate circle of friends. Even if you are a careful and deliberative person like I am, good things come from the most unexpected places. I have sought help from my friends, and I have reached out to other people online, some of whom I had never met before. You can't expect to reap everything you sowed; the true importance lies in keeping knocking on different doors until you come across the one that opens.

    Day 62 (October 17)

    Day 63 (October 18)

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    Day 70 (October 25)
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