• New direction

    With availability of briankim.ca fast approaching, I must first determine which content management system to use. Before making a decision, I should first establish the topics that will be covered by my blog. My previously blog entries have been centred around documenting my thoughts as a job-seeker, and it was very photography-heavy. Moving forward, I want to not only use it as a place for personal life observations, but also as an avenue for showcasing my critical thinking abilities related to a few career-related topics that I am passionate about. After all, blogging as a value adding activity for my personal branding initiative, and I don't want to solely brand myself as a photographer as it is not a career I want to pursue at the moment. On a side, I want to maintain a few blog entries on cooking or restaurant reviews.

    I think I might be spreading myself too thin by trying to widen the scope of my blog. If it does not work out, I will shift my focus and find something that works. I know for certain that Blogger is not the right content management system, as it does not allow categorization beyond labels. I will first try to find a few personal websites or blogs I can use as benchmarks and identify what my needs are.

    Day 54 (October 9)

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