• Day 55: Restaurant review - Big Moe's

    I am a big burger fan. Back in 2009, I used to say that pizza was my favourite food, but my burger experiences in Ottawa, particularly from Chez Lucien and Hintonburger, led me to develop craving for burger more often than I would like. Since moving to Toronto, I have tried burgers at many different places, and only few hasn't let me down. I am glad to say that Big Moe's is one of them that made the list!

    Big Moe's is located at the SE corner of Steeles and Kennedy in Scarborough, just a few short steps away from Pacific Mall. From outside, the burger joint does not particularly look interesting. Despite having lived around the area for so many years, my girlfriend wasn't even aware of existence until a few months ago.

    The decor inside isn't particularly inspiring either, which is typical of many burger joints. It was spacious and had ample natural lighting, which was more than enough for me. The seating is very limited as there is no table seating. If you want a seat during busy lunch hour, you will have to find a stool along the windows.

    I ordered a Juicy Lucy ($6.79+HST) and a soft drink ($1.49+HST), which wasn't the cheapest burger I have had. On the other hand, I've had worse-tasting burgers priced at higher prices, so I didn't have too much to complain.

    If I could complain about one thing, it is the selection of the soft drinks available. I wanted something carbonated like Coke or Sprite, but I had to settle for Nestea. I didn't order any drinks last time, but not having those two available is almost unacceptable to me.

    On both of my visits, the burgers took a little longer to cook than thy normally do at other similar places. I noticed that at Big Moe's, the patties are cooked on a flat surface with a lid rather than on a grill over a gas-powered fire. I think it prevents the patties from drying out and helps them retain moisture which characterizes the burger's juiciness. I would much rather have a juicy burger than risk having a burger with a dry patty that disintegrates in my hand.

    Another quality I look for in a burger is its consistency. I have only been to Big Moe's twice, but on both occasions the burgers practically tasted the same, which can't be said about for many other burger joints.

    Given its close proximity, I would be returning to Big Moe's very soon at the first chance I get. Now that Goody's Diner in Scarborough has closed, Big Moe's is the only place left standing that I have been to where I can get an authentic and unadulterated burger in Toronto.

    I am giving Big Moe's 4 stars out of 5 (★★★★☆).
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