• Wake me up when September ends

    Too many compromises have already led to the end of September. Originally, I wanted to have a job by my birthday, which did not work out. 45 days have passed since then, and I have missed both my subsequently targets of end of August and the end of September.

    I am going to wake up a different person tomorrow and adopt a do-or-die attitude for my job search and narrow my focus on things that have positive ROI. Having been in the job market for quite some time, I now know which segment of the job market is receptive to my skills and experience and which is not. I will reduce my job search efforts in areas that have not yielded any fruit and focus on improving my ability to sell my uniqueness as a candidate.

    This prolonged job search period also taught me that there is no such thing as good karma. Unless a direct or an indirect cause-and-effect relationship is be established between a good deed and a positive personal outcome, I refuse to believe that a such thing exists. I have been paying it forward for quite some time, and it is about time I was awarded some form of restitution.

    Day 38 (September 23)

    Day 39 (September 24)

    Day 40 (September 25)

    Day 41 (September 26)

    Day 42 (September 27)

    Day 43 (September 28)

    Day 44 (September 29)

    Day 45 (September 30)

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