• Labour Day Weekend

    Long weekends have little to meaning to a person without a routine Monday-Friday schedule such as myself. This long weekend, I was surprised by somewhat unexpected reaction to the photos I took. What I thought was uninteresting was received well on 500px, while what I thought was interesting created no buzz at all.

    Day 16 (September 1)

    I was not particularly fond of the framing and exposure of this photo. To get the CN tower straight, I had to rotate the photo by a few degrees, which meant image had to be cropped a little, which cut off the mother and the grandmother even further than they already were.

    Day 17 (September 2)

    I wanted to achieve a deeper depth of field, but doing so ended up making the image look unflattering. The original image I had in my mind was an image with sharp focus on the bridge with the strings getting blurry as it extended onto the neck. I could not get the composition and lighting right, so I opted for a shallow focus.

    Day 18 (September 3)

    I thought this was definitely one of the most interesting macro shots I have taken. I did not even realize there was an ant on the flower when I took this photo. To my surprise, it created no buzz on 500px whatsoever.

    Hopefully this turn of unexpected events is an indication of things to come in my job search. To check out my work, go to 500px - Brian Kim.
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