• Concluding Week 3

    This week is almost over, and I am still waiting to hear back from the internship I hoped to get interviewed for. In any case, I am going to focus on what is within my control, and follow up again next week if I do not hear back by the end of the day today. Unfortunately, the past three picture I uploaded on 500px have been perceived as boring as it received no likes or favorites. It was expected, and I must not let my creativity take a hit.

    I started volunteering yesterday at an organization that is holding an event in October to bring senior-level executives to encourage an open dialogue in sustainability. When I first heard about the organization, I thought the practicality of the organization's approach is aligned well with my pragmatic point-of-view on achieving sustainability. I am genuinely excited about gaining valuable experience there and I hope that it will open doors in my job search efforts.

    Day 19 (September 4)

    Day 20 (September 5)

    Day 21 (September 6)

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