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    With only about a week left to go in September, there has not been any significant progress towards employment this week. At the career fair on Monday, I only handed out only a couple of my business cards and my resume. It is obviously going to take quite some time for me to distribute the remaining 498 business cards.  .

    The number of jobs being offered at the career fair was disappointing to say the least. While some speakers had valuable insights to share, the main message I took away from the event was that my education did not really prepare me well to meet the needs of the environment sector. I felt like the jobs being offered were not suited for individuals with a bachelor's or a master's degree, the demographic which represents the majority of the people that attended the event. On the other hand, the types of jobs described by the speakers required more education, which probably describes why there many booths representing different schools.

    Ever since I started my undergraduate program, I have struggled to concisely describe what it is that I want to do. Even after having graduated, I still have difficulty explaining to others what my expertise is in terms of sustainability. Although I can be quick to blame my school for offering a program not being able to address the niche in the environmental job market, I am going to take the bullet and say that it is partially my fault for not being able to find passion during my undergraduate career.

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