• Challenge 7.69% Complete (4/52)

    What started off as the day when my picture received overwhelming feedback on 500px ended up being one of the busiest weeks since I graduated. On Monday, I attended a meeting with the organization I am volunteering for, and the next two days were spent on following through on the commitments I had made. Although it has only been a week since I started volunteering, I feel like the contributions I make are meaningful and visible, which gives me a high level of satisfaction.

    On top of that, I had an interview with a company that I am really keen on working for. Because of my busy schedule, I was not able to put in as much effort as I would have liked into preparations. Obviously, I could have answered some of the questions better than I did, but overall I feel like I did a good job thanks to help and support I received from my friends. Although I know better than to do so, I keep replaying the interview in my head and thinking of different ways I answered the questions. Rather than wasting time by dwelling upon the interview, I should focus on pursuing other leads which I have neglected for a week, and hope that I hear back for the next stage of the hiring process.

    Finally, I had to design my business card for the upcoming career fair that I am attending next Monday. I was told that it is more effective to give out business cards at career fairs and follow up with a targeted resume than to hand out generic resumes at the career fair. With no previous experience with Adobe Illustrator, it took me a while to get started on it, but once I did, it did not take too long to come up with a simple design that I was okay with. I wanted to get my own domain name before I printed out my business cards, but the one I want is not available for sale at least for another month. There may be some design elements that I may have overlooked since I had a small window of opportunity to upload my design in order for me to get it printed in time. I really hope that my business cards will be a tool I can use to network with the individuals from the companies that I am interested in working for.

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