• Dealing with Stress

    April 2014 was a difficult month. Work has been extremely busy which has put on a lot of stress both mentally and physically. Ever since my trip to Alberta, I have been waking up at very early hours in the morning, possibly due to stress.

    Looking back at the previous entries I made on the blog, I find that I tend to write during times of uncertainty. I wrote my very first post on this blog when I had doubts about my first year in engineering more than 7 years ago. Then in 2008, I wrote a few posts after living in solitude for four months.

    2009 & 2010 were the pivotal year when I failed to expand my horizons and became too comfortable with my familiar ways, which would eventually lead to where I am today. On the other hand, this was also the time that I started practicing photography more seriously after a series of equipment purchases.

    2011 & 2012 were the years of inner reflections, as I had no clear idea of my career directions after graduation.

    By 2013, I had found my current position, and my questions and doubts seemed to go away, only to rise again nearly one year later. To borrow the words of Heraclitus and put my own twist on it, the only constant in life is change, some at different paces from the others. I think the last image in this post captures the essence of this post pretty well, as it portrays trails of movements, some more visible than others. Whether I want to stay still and be defined for who I am today, or be dynamic and adaptable to make a lasting impact is completely my choice.

    I am taking a much-needed break in May in beautiful British Columbia where I hope to recharge and come back to face any challenges.

    p.s. This is also my 100th entry.

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