• Day in Kensington Market

    Spring/Summer finally came to Toronto and we had some beautiful weather over the past weekend. I was originally planning on joining the Photo Walk hosted by 500px, but I was too late to join. I decided to follow up in the footsteps of fellow photographers, as I knew their destination. I did eventually manage to catch up in Kensington Market. Unfortunately by then, the group had mostly dispersed throughout the day, and I was too anxious to go back to Seven Lives.

    As I post-processed my photos, I found myself drawn to my old ways of simply opening a plug-in and clicking a button. Although I am sure there is a place for Nik Silver Efex or Alien Skin Exposure, I find that my workflow then gets overly simplified, while the file sizes get enormous from a duplicate raw file created during the conversion process.

    My current workflow predominantly takes place in Adobe Lightroom, where I adjust curves and a number sliders mainly with regards to contrast, brightness, sharpness, and noise reduction where necessary. Some photos require more time than others, but doing so potentially decreases the possibility of low-quality photos from being exported without a second thought.

    There is still much to learn when it comes to post-processing and photography in general. In theory, I understand what is involved, but in practice, each frame requires time and dedication to make a good photograph. Most importantly, excessive post-processing will not make a horrible photograph to turn into a work of art. Therefore, I must pay attention to not only post-processing aspect of photography, but the practice of capturing an image. 
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