• Restaurant Review: Burrito Bandidos

    As an aficionado of Burrito Boyz, I can't believe I didn't know that the franchise had split back in 2008. Nonetheless, when I heard about Burrito Bandidos from my girlfriend, we had to try it. After enjoying a complimentary tour at Steam Whistle, we decided to try Yonge and College location because we didn't know that there was a location in Entertainment District.

    After finding our way through the maze called Toronto's PATH system and walking on Yonge street for a while, we finally reached our destination.

     It was clear to me that this place shares the same roots as Burrito Boyz by the look of its decor. Given the time of the day, I thought it would be busier, but perhaps everyone was at Cavalcade of Lights, trying to find the best spot to stand in a sea of crowd.

    We ordered, payed, and customized our orders as we normally do at Burrito Boyz and waited until our names were called. When we placed the order, however, we couldn't help but notice the higher prices than its rival, Burrito Boyz. 

    My burrito was well wrapped and toasted on both sides with desirable complexion without a hard dry outer shell, which makes it much more difficult to eat a burrito. 

    Inside was well stuffed with generous amounts of different toppings. At Burrito Boyz, I always struggle not to drip any sauce onto my clothes, but at Burrito Bandidos, I found that the burrito did not have any excess liquid that drips uncontrollably upon biting. The taste was noticeably different as well, perhaps due to a different hot sauce / burrito sauce composition.

    Despite the common root, I think Burrito Bandidos has managed to differentiate itself from Burrito Boyz by defining its own taste (or I could have it backwards - it could be very well that this was the original Burrito Boyz taste before the split). In any case, both are different in their own way, and it is good to see that there is enough market for gourmet burritos to maintain different locations under separate franchises.

    Given its prime location near universities and being right next door to YMCA, I was surprised by a slightly higher price. Given the small number of votes received on Urbanspoon, it is obvious that the location is not as popular as its other locations in the Annex and Entertainment District. Unless this location finds a price sweet spot that meets the demographic needs of the surrounding area, I don't see it catching up in popularity any time soon.

    I am giving Burrito Bandidos 4 out of 5 stars. (★★★★☆).

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