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    I lied. I said before at least twice that I will be abandoning Blogger as a platform. Because I am not currently in a financial position to pay for a hosting service that I will not fully utilize, I decided to stay where I am. Over the past few days, I have learned that Blogger is actually a powerful platform that offers many customization options using HTML and CSS.

    Although my knowledge of web design is basic at best, with the resources available online, I managed to get rid of "Blogger" looks on few of the pages. You may have also noticed that I have changed the top horizontal navigation menu a little. Over the holidays, I might try to do a full re-design of the website and the blog. I am open to ideas on the content and the looks. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way, either by leaving a comment below or using the contact form.

    Day 113 (December 7)

    Day 114 (December 8)

    Day 115 (December 9)

    Day 116 (December 10)

    Day 117 (December 11)

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