• Changes

    Warning: This post will contain large number of photos because of my laziness.

    It has been nearly a month since I last posted. A lot of changes have happened since then, starting with my becoming Canadian. I have since then applied for a Canadian Passport, and I believe it is waiting to be picked up at the Post Office.

    Work has been a true learning experience. StrengthsFinder says that I might be less effective when I am "forced to adhere to every step or deadline of someone else's action plan", and I am "easily annoyed by individuals who fail to give [me] enough time to methodically investigate, study, or think through things". I find these to be truer everyday. Although I appreciate the opportunity to be working and meet new people, I am starting to think that it is not really a good place to nurture and leverage my strengths.

    If you have not yet noticed, I FINALLY purchased briankim.ca yesterday after waiting for it to go on sale since September 17th. When I tried to register Google Apps, I realized that it is no longer being offered for free, which irked me a little. I also managed to lose some of the contents in my sidebar, which I have not checked out in quite some time.

    On that note, changes are coming. I don't think I am going to continue to use Blogspot for my main platform because I want to align my different brands under one umbrella. I can't solely brand myself as a photographer because my photos are getting more and more Instagrammy every day. I am not particularly good food blogger either.

    I want to ultimately design a website where I can demonstrate who I am professionally and also maintain a blog, which would largely be a journal containing the photos I take, food I eat, and thoughts I hold. If you happen to come across this blog post and have any suggestion for the right content management system or platform (free if possible, I am not quite ready to commit to a host at $X/month), please leave a comment below.

    Read on after the break to see the images from the past month!

    Day 86 (November 10)

    Day 87 (November 11)

    Day 88 (November 12)

    Day 89 (November 13)

    Day 90 (November 14)

    Day 91 (November 15)

    Day 92 (November 16)

    Day 93 (November 17)

    Day 94 (November 18)

    Day 95 (November 19)

    Day 96 (November 20)

    Day 97 (November 21)

    Day 98 (November 22)

    Day 99 (November 23)

    Day 100 (November 24)

    Day 101 (November 25)

    Day 102 (November 26)

    Day 103 (November 27)

    Day 104 (November 28)

    Day 105 (November 29)

    Day 106 (November 30)

    Day 107 (December 1)

    Day 108 (December 2)

    Day 109 (December 3)

    Day 110 (December 4)

    Day 111 (December 5)

    Day 112 (December 6)

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