• Week 1

    Although the pictures I usually come across on 500px are far better than what I am going to post throughout the 365 Day Challenge, I decided to use it to keep track of my progress during the challenge for three reasons.

    1. Unlike Flickr, it does not impose a 200 picture limit to a free account. 
    2. Facebook limits the number of pictures in one album to 200. 
    3. Although I own a Tumblr account, it seems counter-intuitive to post the pictures on a separate blog.

    Traffic generated to my 500px account will hopefully help me move up to the first page of Google search results. To see my most recent pictures throughout the week before I post them on this blog, you can see them first on 500px - Brian Kim.

    Read on below to see what happened during the first week of the second quarter of my life.

    Day 2 (August 18)

    I went to Markham Jazz Festival on Main Street today with my girlfriend's family. Along the street, there was a booth with volunteers that talked about Markham's sustainability plan. Although I found the volunteers to be enthusiastic, I found the materials provided to focus too much on what it is rather than what it is doing. 

    Beside the Markham Sustainability booth was a caricature artist whose picture I managed to get in focus with wide aperture. Seeing the caricature artist reminded me of the caricature I had done on a Galaxy Note on Centre Island a couple of months ago. Because the artist had attached a wrong URL for the image in the email that was sent to me, I messaged Samsung to get the right file only to hear back nothing in return.

    Day 3 (August 19)

    After spending a long day isolated in my room, I decided to go out and take a picture. When I went outside for the first time, there was very little available light to work with. Instead of venturing on a walk to a nearby park, I decided to look for a a subject near by and saw this flower.

    Because of the little light I had, I had to open up my aperture and give up on depth of field.

    Day 4 (August 20)

    Today I had a group interview with a company that provides software for employee recognition as a service. The office was located in Liberty Village, Toronto and I was really impressed with the facilities. There were only two other candidates present at the interview. Although it would be nice to work there given company's benefits and culture, I did not really feel a strong good initial impression from the recruiter that gave us the tour and the interview.

    After the interview, I went out for dinner with my girlfriend and another couple whom I have known for a few years. The day was particularly tiring for me because I was walking around Downtown Toronto fully dressed up in suit and a pair of dress shoes.

    Because of the weight and bulk, I did not bring my camera to Downtown. I had to wait until my girlfriend and I returned home to take the picture below on the drive back to my house.

    Day 5 (August 21)

    I am starting to get lazy. Instead of going out to find new subjects, I am getting closer to the nearby subjects that are easier to find. Right next to the yellow flower which I photographed on Day 3 was a white rose. First, I stacked all my extension tubes together to get maximum magnification, but I ended up removing one of them in the end to get a slightly wider picture.

    Because the sun was directly overhead I was casting casting shadows on the flower. To avoid doing so, I had to hold the flower and tilt it forward to me a little. At my first attempt at holding the rose by the stem, I got reminded that "every rose has its thorn".

    Day 6 (August 22)

    Today is another day spent trapped in the house. The house was particularly busy and noisy today with people coming in and out. I don't like to get in the way of other people, and I don't like having other people get in my way. So I spent the most of my day trapped in my room wearing earplugs.

    After the house quieted down a little, I snuck out of my room to grab a quick dinner, then I headed outside to satisfy my craving for a vanilla milkshake.

    Day 7 (August 23)

    After dinner, I decided to go for a walk in the opposite direction that I usually do. Because my girlfriend is starting work next week, I have to be more self-reliant, especially since I realized that I have not really familiarized myself with the neighbourhood.

    I went to CIBC to get some much needed cash where I saw Burger King. I was tempted to go inside despite having just eaten dinner. I managed to pull myself away from temptation and started heading back home.

    Until this year, I had never set foot inside Pacific Mall. I don't mean offence to any race in general, but parking here is quite frightening. Today, I saw a vehicle with a New York license plate trying to make a left-turn into Pacific Mall parking lot from a through lane.

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