• Monday Update

    I just realized that the number of posts this month is significantly lower than what I had last month. So here are my observations and reflections made from Days 8 through 11.

    Day 8 (August 24)

    I forgot to bring my camera out with me today. By the time I got back home, the sun had already set and I found no interesting subjects in my room.

    I chose to walk to the nearest intersection to take a picture of the passing cars, which I found to be more difficult than I expected because of the light traffic volume.

    Day 9 (August 25)

    I went to check out the BuskerFest down at St. Lawrence Market with my girlfriend today, where they were serving butter beer in a metal cup for $8. I was tempted to get it, but I reminded myself that I already own too much belongings which I can barely handle. The festival was a lot busier than the one I went to in Ottawa a year ago, as it was nearly impossible for me to get somewhere without brushing my shoulder against somebody else's. Even though Toronto is less densely populated than Seoul, it certainly feels more densely populated than the other cities I have lived in.

    Because my girlfriend and I did not have any information about the performers or the stages, it was difficult for us to navigate from one show to another. We ended up walking around the venue catching a short glimpse of a few performers.

    After I came home, my friend told me that her butter beer experience was not all that great. I was glad that I did not waste money on the drink I would not have enjoyed. Instead, money was well spent at Burrito Boyz for lunch and Banh Mi Boys for dinner.

    Day 10 (August 26)

    It has been a while since I last did any HDR photography. Instead of bringing my trusty old 30mm prime, I decided to one of my ultra wide angle lens, which also happens to be one of my biggest and heaviest lenses. When I turned the zoom ring, there was an unpleasant mechanical noise. I can't quite pinpoint the source, but I presume that there is something wrong with the zoom contacts on my camera.

    I also had a circular polarizing filter on my lens to accentuate the sky. Because I was shooting directly into the sunlight, the effect is not very visible in the above photograph. When the effect is visible though, it is not very pleasant because the filter is too thick for my lens. I should have spent more money for a better and thinner filter when I first bought mine.

    Day 11 (August 27)

    After any chances of rain was cleared from the weather forecast, I decided to go out to grab a quick dinner and a few pictures. After I finished the dinner, I realized the sky had gotten significantly dark. By the time I finished shopping for some groceries, it had started raining. I ran to the nearest bus shelter, where I was stuck for about 30 minutes until the downpour turned into a more manageable drizzle.

    I chose the path home with the most number of bus shelters in case of another heavy rain. The rain stopped completely after a while, but unfortunately I came across a heavily flooded path where the depth of the water was up to a person's knee. I tried to avoid the pool of water by stepping on a patch of grass, which had turned into a marsh.

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