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    After enjoying the poetry slam, my roommate, Jonathan and I went to Centretown to join our friends for a game of pool. There was a wait at Maclaren's on Elgin, and in the end, we didn't end up playing even when a table finally opened up. We decided to go to Byward Market instead.

    Old Building at Queen and Elgin. I learned the name but I can't remember any more. 

    When we got to our destination, it was getting late so Jonathan and I decided to call it a night.
    Do not try this at home.
    By the time we got home, it was around 1 and streets were relatively empty. I wanted to get a long exposure shot of the street, so I did. I had to get down on the pavement to compose this shot. I don't recommend doing it.

     The next day, I was feeling a little down so I decided to go for a walk. The snow had just begun to melt so the trail conditions were less than ideal. Consequently, my socks were soaked and my boots were covered in mud by the time I got back from trekking.

    This was taken underneath the Transiyway bridge between Lees Station and Hurdman Station. The water levels were very high and I was standing on a thin layer of ice. It was hard to get a stabilized shot even on my tripod as it was moving around everywhere.

    On the map I saw a bridge going across the river so I thought I'd give it a try to get a good view of Rideau River. The bridge ran parallel to 417 which is also a part of Trans-Canada Highway. I was originally going to go across the bridge and walk to Lees Station to catch the bus home, but I was getting cold and wet, so I decided to walk back to Hurdman Station.
    View of Rideau River

    Back to Hurdman
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