• Life in Ottawa

    It has been just over two months since I moved to Ottawa for work. I didn't think I would enjoy the cold winter too much, but the weather has been surprisingly mild in my standards, and there are a lot of things to do in Ottawa as opposed to St. Catharines or Waterloo which are all located in Southwestern Ontario. One thing I've done a lot this Winter is skating. I've never actually owned a pair of skates until this year, so I didn't know how good I'd be at it. I did heavily rollerblade when I was younger so I was familiar with the concept of pushing myself forward. But on ice, there is significantly less chance of falling and injuring yourself, so I went full out on the ice whenever I had the chance. Because I didn't have to wear rental skates that were always a size too big, I was much more comfortable without having my ankles painfully collapse inwards especially with my axillary naviculars.

    Rideau Canal
    Unfortunately Spring (more like somewhere between Winter and Spring) came so the canal had to be shut down because maintenance would be too much work for little gain to be had. But compared to most people, I think I skated enough to make my Ottawa life worthwhile. I just have to find something else to do now that the canal is closed. 
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