• I am back.

    After being absent from blogsphere for almost a year (well I've been to Tumblr, Wordpress, Naver, Cyworld, Paran, and something else I can't remember at the moment). I have been active in Korean blogsphere for a while I was in Korea, but since school started everything all ceased except for Facebook. Since I'm in a new city and this is a new year and I have met a lot of new people (quite possibly more than I was expecting to meet this year), I thought I'd post again. I'm not going to link images to my Flickr account because I don't have a pro account and I have hit my 200 photo limit, so some of the older things might get hidden soon if I keep posting my photos on there.

    A friend reminded me that it was Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent. I'm challenging myself to not get tempted into buying any photography-related products. At the same time I'm challenging myself to take a photo-a-day until the day before Easter Sunday to challenge myself to develop my photography skills.

    This was just taken on the porch because it was snowing hard last night (March 9th). I think the weather shown in this photo well sums up the winter in Ottawa although I believe this has been a very mild winter. Thanks to the nasty system that swept through Ottawa which brought wet ice followed by rain, tomorrow's (Friday) commute will be bad even though today's (Thursday) commute was pretty nasty in slush.

    This is the photo taken today (March 10) at Byward Market. I had some time to kill before meeting up with a couple friends to grab dinner, so I quickly went to the bank to get some cash and went to a store I've been wanting to go for the past week. It was nice, but it was nothing too exciting. I came out empty-handed.

    Although my re-employment for next term has not officially been confirmed yet, I'd like to think it is as positivity will bring change. When I do work here in the summer, I will be living really close to downtown (again, haven't heard back from the subletter, but I'd like to think that she's been in contact with my future roommate), and I will be exploring more places in Byward Market for eateries and nightlife. I'm not really big on club scene, but there isn't really much to do in Ottawa now that Rideau Canal is closed. Canal is a whole different story which I shall save for a later time.

    This is what I had for dinner today at Richtree. It was going under a rennovation so only takeouts were available. Shepard's pie was good but I'd definitely want to come back and try it on actual plate while it's still steamy hot. I need to get at least 5 hours of sleep! Good night.
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