• Restaurant Review: Sansotei Ramen

    I always believed that ramen craze in Toronto was blown out of proportion, which passed through Vancouver 3 to 4 years ago. I still remember Canada Day of 2010 where nearly all ramen shops in Vancouver had people lining up outside the doors. After seeing so many Facebook photos and Foursquare check-ins from friends who visited Sansotei Ramen, I had to try it for myself before dismissing it completely.

    I had heard of the notoriously long line-ups at the restaurant, so my girlfriend and I picked an odd time in the evening after spending somewhat disappointing day at Canadian International Autoshow. It wasn't very busy by the time we got there, but soon more people starting congregating outside the door.

    I ordered miso ramen, for I have missed many opportunities to try it while I was in Vancouver. Based on my brief ramen experience at a couple of other places in Markham, I was more pleased with Sansotei than I had been elsewhere. The broth was rich and milky, while every other ingredient was cooked and assembled in perfection, as I had imagined ramen to be like from what I learned of Japan while I was growing up.

    My girlfriend ordered Tonkotsu Ramen, which has less of a hue for its lack of miso in the broth. This one is one of the more classic variant of Ramen, I don't suggest you look for Tonkatsu in here, as Tonkotsu means pork bone in Japanese, which gives it the rich flavour and texture.

    I am giving Sansotei Ramen 4 out of 5 stars. (★★★★☆) because I don't believe that it isn't completely overhyped, given that Sansotei does not bring much originality to already crowded Toronto dining scene. Replicating success from elsewhere will not have long lasting appeal, no matter the high praises I have given. Trends come and go, Sansotei might be one of them.

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