• Restaurant Review: Mot Na Son

    With growing popularity of Korean cuisine, it is becoming more difficult to find an authentic Korean restaurants in the Greater Toronto Area. North York, which itself is no stranger to Korean establishments, has a few number of restaurants that aren't quite what they used to be in quality. My girlfriend and I decided to try something new, and visited Mot Na Son, located just a few blocks north of North York Centre subway station.

    The first thing I noticed at Mot Na Son was the menu. Unlike menus at other restaurants that serve the demographic who may be unfamiliar with Korean cuisine, Mo Na Son's menu does not have any pictures. This did not pose any problem for me, but I would advise bringing a friend or asking the owner for recommendations if you are not particularly sure about what you are going to eat.

    Having lived in Ottawa with limited number of Korean restaurants around, Gamjatang (pork bone soup) has become a staple that I have to order every time. It had a stronger taste of ginger than other ones that I have tried before, but the overall taste was well-balanced. 

    The meals were served with a choice of side dishes. One of them in particular, Kkakdugi (in the middle), tasted exactly as I remembered from what I used to it at one of my favourite restaurants back in Korea. After finishing the mountain of rice served in our bowls, second serving of side dishes, and our own meals, we were quite full.

    I am giving Mot Na Son 4 out of 5 stars (★★★★☆) because I hardly ever give out full marks.

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