$#*! Brian Buys: Pixel 3a

I have been always frustrated with slow updates on Android devices. One sleepless night, I decided to buy the new Pixel 3a. With a promo of $150 from Google Store for accessories and future purchases, it was really a no brainer for me.

Image Source: Android Police

Sure, if I were to check off everything that's on my list (waterproofing, expandable memory, headphone jack, good camera, and project treble for guaranteed updates), I would be forking out closer to a $1,000 these days.

With the promo, the device came to be $400, which I think is a good price point for a mid-cycle refresh. I will continue to use my Samsung Galaxy S9+ if I were to travel due to the laundry list of items I mentioned above. But for a daily driver, Pixel 3a so far does not disappoint. 

I am also testing composing by email, as Blogger app is very out of date, and I enjoy Gmail app's smart compose feature. I just have to make sure I do not sign off on the post like I do in the emails. 

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