• Food Journal: North Town Korean Restaurant

    If my friends have a craving for good Korean seafood soup, I know just where to take them. Now having been there twice, I am confident in both the quality of the food, and the level of service provided at the restaurant.

    Seafood stew we ordered (pictured below), priced at $39.99, serves about 2-3 people with generous amounts of seafood (squid, octopus, shrimp, mussels, crab, etc.) and vegetables. You can order additional vegetables, rice, and noodles if you're hungry.

    The ingredients are fresh, and when the restaurant is not busy, the owner (who is really nice and talkative) will come to your table and help cut the food into bite size and plate it at the table. This is the perfect spot for a cold day, as my first visit had been after a day of snowboarding. This place also has one of the best pancakes served as a side dish. If you would like a larger portion, try to order Seafood Pancake that's listed on the menu!

    The only downside is that English name for the restaurant is too generic. Korean name's so much better, which is 엄마해물탕 (UmMa HaeMoolTang), which translates to Mom's Seafood Stew - I have capitalized each syllable in case you are learning to read Korean.

    North Town Korean Restaurant on Yelp (not North Korean Restaurant)

    p.s. Does anyone have experience with Zomato? After Urbanspoon got bought out, I completely stopped writing about food, but it looks like the old Spoonback system still exists.
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