• Autumn in New York Pt. 2

    Disclaimer: This post contains touristy images.

    The last leg of my sister and my trip to NYC began with the cruise around Manhattan island. We began our day at a pier near Brooklyn bridge, which we were able to sail under to get a breathtaking view of rays of sunshine coming just over the bridge. 

    We then circled around the island, which brought us to the Freedom Tower, which we had seen from earlier days of our trip. It was nonetheless quite the sight to see the symbolic building stand so tall at the site of such tragedy.

    Our boat then set sail to Libery Island where the Statue of Liberty stood. If we had more time on our
    trip, I would have liked to gone on the island itself to get a closer look at another iconic landmark of New York.

    After grabbing smoked meat sandwich for lunch, we head to Central Park for a bike ride. The perimeter of the park felt a little smaller than I had anticipated. However, it was a perfect size for a novice bike rider such as myself.

    Right after the bike ride, we went to the Museum of Modern Art to cool down. Having been to smaller galleries such as National Gallery of Canada and Art Gallery of Ontario, I was overwhelmed by the size of the collection as well as its rich history and cultural significance.

    Looking back at the trip, I can't fathom how my sister and I were able to squeeze such tight itinerary into short number of days. There was significant amount of walking in our trip, and our routes could have been better optimized. If I can find a good deal on flight and accommodation, I would not hesitate to go back and visit some of the areas that I may have missed on this trip.
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