• My favourite Lens

    This was decided long before I wrote about my least favourite lens, which has since then been removed from my arsenal. On the other hand, the lens I am about to write about will not be sold or traded for the foreseeable future.

    Purchased through eBay auction in 2009, the lens has spent more time mounted on the body than with the rear cap on. Manufactured between 1975 and 1977, the lens supposedly shows up in the used market once in several years. Despite its rarity, the street price is fairly modest, partly due to the lack of auto focusing and exposure, which I don't think is a necessity to my style of photography.

    Being an almost 40-year old lens, this lens is prone to flare, but I find that it is much more controlled than an other lens flares that I have experienced, and can use it to certain artistic effect.

    I can definitely attest to its build quality. When I was fiddling with my tripod plate once, it took a hard fall on a carpeted floor along with my Pentax K10D with the battery grip attached. Luckily, only the UV filter took the damage from the fall. It did, however, take a pair of pliers to completely remove the filter. As a result, the lens is in worse cosmetic shape than it was before, with slightly diminished resale value. All the more reasons to NOT sell this lens!

    I also quite like the colour rendition of the lens, which seems to bring contrast to the scene, where other lenses may fail to deliver desirable results.

    Especially with new sensor technology, the resolution of images seems to have vastly improved, and I feel like I benefit from the optical design of this lens, which is rumoured to be of Zeiss. Even in heavily back-lit situations like this, I feel like I can capture much more detail with my new Pentax K-3.

    I have recently gone through major changes in my gears, but this old 30mm lens of mine will not be given up! 

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