• Vancouver Trip Pt. 2

    It has been a really long time since I last wrote anything but emails and text messages, but I would like pick up things where I left off. Since coming back from vacation, work has kept me ever busier than it did before, and I did not have much time to go through a library of 30GB of photos from my trip.

    All excuses aside, here come the Part 2 of my Vancouver Trip.

    The main reason for my visit to Vancouver was to attend my sister's convocation. I would like to think of myself as the "photograher" of the family. Since none of my other family members could make it, I was glad to offer my services and be part of a milestone in my sister's life. Compared to my convocation which was held at a gymnasium, UBC's looked much more refined with the backdrop against beautiful Vancouver weather and scenery.

    After I dropped my sister off at the airport the next day, my girlfriend and I began our next leg of the journey towards the Rocky Mountains, only to find that winter had not left yet.

    Because we left in the afternoon, our first planned stop was in Revelstoke, BC, where we spent the night at Cube Hostel. There was a slight hiccup (the room prepared for us was given to someone else!). Luckily, there was another room available on the second floor, which actually worked out better for us. We tried to keep our food budget tight. We grabbed a few cup noodles and BBQ chicken from Superstore to keep our stomachs filled.

    By the time we got to Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park, it was drizzling, which meant that I would have to use my kit lens, which I had barely used since first getting the camera. I wished that I had bought a new camera and a lens that are both waterproof before coming on the trip. I had promised myself that I would not buy any more camera equipment unless I made any money through photography. To this date, I have not made a single cent.

    Even though the sky was overcast with drizzle, there was no denying the turquoise colour of the lake.

    I would have liked to explore the lake a little more if it weren't for the rain and the tight schedule we had jam packed into the day. Next time we visit, I will pick a time of the year that is a little warmer. The pictures above really do not capture the vibrancy of the colour that human eyes can see. Both times I have been to Emerald Lake had been at the tail end of winter. I wonder what it would be like to visit on a sunny summer day with much more refraction and reflections.

    On the way back to the main road, we stopped at Natural Bridge for q quick photo shoot. Given the sheer volume of the water, it was very difficult to get correct exposure as shown in the photo above. This image almost didn't make the cut, but I would like to document my trip in as much (or as little) detail as possible so that I can follow my footsteps years from now.

    I got myself a nickname from my girlfriend from this trip - a worrywart. Meriam Webster defines it as someone who worries too much or who worries about things that are not important. The whole time I was at Emerald Lake without the proper park permit, I was afraid that I might receive a ticket. It was not until we went to the park gate which was just a little ways away in Fields, BC that I was relieved. There we filled our stomach with our second bowls of cup noodles, thanks to a gracious Parks Canada employee.

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