• Vancouver Trip Pt. 1

    During the second half of May and early days of June, I was on vacation away from work. It provided me with much needed rest and relaxation, whilst I still had the chance to show my girlfriend the greatness of the beautiful West Coast.

    The following series of posts will be a much truncated version of our trip, as I have a catalog of almost 30GB of photos. On that note, below are the photos from the first leg, leading up to the day before my sister's convocation at UBC.

    Until my most recent visit to Vancouver, I rarely had any chances to drive downtown because where I used to live was convenient enough to use public transit, and I disliked driving into downtown. Having driven in Downtown Toronto traffic since moving to Toronto a couple of years ago, I have grown accustomed to driving downtown, and Vancouver's downtown traffic seemed very mild in comparison.

    One place I frequently visit is the Lynn Canyon Park, where I can find the suspension bridge pictured above. On a hot summer's day, there is a large crowd, but since we visited the park during late afternoon hours in May, there were very few people.

    We also visited Stevenston for the first time, where we bought a few live sea urchins and a bag of shrimp directly from people who caught them. The credit for above photo goes to my girlfriend, with whom I shared d shared a large portion of fish and chips along with my sister.

    Another place that I visited is Shannon Falls, which I have written about before. I wanted to replicate the same image that I captured before as I lost the original. Since it was raining on the day of our visit, I had to settle with using the kit lens, as I don't mind it being exposed to the rain as much.

    After visiting Shannon Falls, we started our ascent to climb the Stawamus Chief, but we turned around after speaking to a few hikers who were on the way down advising us that the hike would last well past the sunset. Over the past years that I have been in Ontario, the park has seen a few changes, including a new gondola.

    On the drive back from Squamish, we stopped by the Porteau Cove Park, where there was barely any waves on the water despite being seawater.

    After catching up with a friend from highschool, we stopped by Golden Ears Park as well, which I often frequented during summer months in my earlier years of university.

    It was great revisiting some of my favourite places with my girlfriend. Now that I have moved away from home, it was somewhat of a nostalgic feeling, knowing that I won't be able to call Vancouver my home for much longer.
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