• Empty promises

    So much for keeping a regular posting schedule, no wonder my Google search rankings has dipped significantly despite the custom domain name. I can understand why people would not care so much for the content I provide on my blog, as my personal observations are not really relevant for most people other than the few restaurant reviews I have written.

    Without providing meaningful content and consistency, my little effort in search engine optimization will bear no fruit, and my efforts to rise above all other Brian Kims will be crushed by Brian Kim the realtor, Brian Kim the worshiper, or even Brian Kim Stefans the poet, who is not even really a Brian Kim.

    I recently had an interview with a magazine publisher where I have been offered a job. The details of the offer are currently being finalized for my review, which will allow me to stop branding myself as Brian Kim the job seeker. With the sense of job security, I will be able to better focus on updating my website using what little I know of web design and development.

    The path I took with Blogger is not an easy path, as I have read numerous articles saying that Wordpress is the platform best optimized for SEO. Over the past few months, I have found that BrandYourself is not the best for tracking my progress, as it is irregularly and infrequently updated. A quick unpersonalized Google search result just showed me that while I may not have a strong presence as Brian Kim alone, there is a strong correlation between my name and the words sustainability and photo. 

    With this information available, I will focus my personal branding efforts to back to a more manageable level where I will be able to better differentiate myself from the others.

    Day 181 (February 13)

    Day 182 (February 14)

    Day 183 (February 15)

    Day 184 (February 16)

    Day 185 (February 17)

    Day 186 (February 18)

    Day 187 (February 19)
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