• Split prism focusing screen arriveth!

    A few weeks back, I decided to purchase a split prism focusing screen. I've been meaning to purchase one from Katz Eye Optics since the beginning of the year, but I decided try out a product from a seller on eBay. I would have liked this before Canada Day, but it arrived a little bit later.

    I had a little trouble putting this back in because I messed up. After getting it dirty and scratched (I think), I managed to put it in with acceptable cleanness. I know how to focus using the screen, but because I've never done it before, there is a slight learning process which I will hopefully overcome very soon. Although I don't think the quality of the screen is very great (might be because of my poor installation skills), it is still very usable and seems accurate so far. It believe that it affected metering very little, or none at all. At the end of the day, I think it was well worth my $30.
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