Food Journal: Howie T's Burger Bar

I love burgers. I have seen many burger shops in Toronto rise and fall over the years, and I often prefer simple diners to fancy gourmet burger joints. Howie T's Burger Bar is no exception.

I came across it from my roommates who happened to walk in after grocery shopping. Living in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood, I have learned that many businesses are closed on Fridays for Sabbath. The food here, undoubtedly, is certified Kosher.

The highlight of Howie T's is spicy fries. Even though I cycle through different menu items for burgers, spicy fries is a staple that will always accompany my burgers whenever I visit. Another menu item, that deviates from my usual classic burger, is the works burger, which comes generously topped with smoked meat.

I highly recommend you give Howie T's a try the next time you are in the area.

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