Travel Log: Cusco

Oh altitude sickness, how you hit me so hard without any early warning signs is unforgettable. The immediate lightheadedness followed by cold sweats and queasiness will not be missed.

After checking into our accommodation in Cusco, some of us, who were not affected by altitude sickness (i.e. everyone except me) went to explore the city. Only a few hours later they returned, with most of them suffering from delayed altitude sickness.

By evening, I was well enough to walk around and explore the city. With its mix of the locals and the tourists, the city really came alive at night.

It was not until the second day that all of us were well enough to explore the city to its fullest, with its vistas and cuisines that we have bookmarked while planning for the trip.

When we left our accommodation, the roads were relatively flat, but the walk turned out to be very challenging for some of us who had not fully recovered.

After passing through the city centre, we soon came across a steep hill with steps that seemed unending. Many of us had to take frequent breaks to catch a breath, which is hard to do when the air is thinner. It is highly recommended that visitors to Macchu Pichu get acclimatized in Cusco before doing the Inca Trail, which was our plan.

After making up the hill, we got a good look at the city, with all its roofs unison in colour, which are often featured in postcards.

I also noticed this golden retriever sitting in front of a blue door, and I thought the colour contrast made a good photo at the time.

We ended our day back in the city centre, visiting landmarks including gardens, museums, and courtyards whose names I am having a hard time recalling nearly three years after the visit.

I will try to embed a map whenever I can. Next up: Inca Trail

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